N3XU5 LCD Watch Concept by Peter Fletcher

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On October 18, 2012
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N3XU5 LCD Watch
N3XU5 LCD Watch Concept by Peter Fletcher

Designer descriptions:
This is “N3XU5″ an always on LCD or e-paper watch design.
Anyone who is familiar with recent Android smartphones may well recognise the inspiration for this design.
For those not familiar this design is inspired by a “live wallpaper” which originated from a smartphone with a similar name to this concept. The “live wallpaper” consisted of glowing blocks which move across the screen randomly leaving a fading snake like tail not unlike the “lightcycles” from the Tron films. I have adapted this basic idea to tell the time.

The time is told by these snakes of blocks as they randomly move across the screen. Occasionally these snakes cross paths and pause when in the correct positions to describe the time in a digital format, before continuing on there original paths. In this case I have used a grid made up of concentric squares to allow for the various density in the squares to give the fading tail look. The time can be told at any point with a simple tap on the display. When the time is not being displayed the snakes return to the random paths like a screen saver animation.

This design has a slim line but ultimately geeky look which may appeal to people who are into tech and gizmos. The form is not too unconventional so should help appeal to a wider audience, the simple time telling method should make this design accessible to all.

The combination of slim line form and always on display with constant animation should help the wearer stand out from the crowd.

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Peter Fletcher N3XU5 LCD Watch Concept United Kingdom Designers
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