ORB Watch Concept by Djordje

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On October 5, 2012
Last modified:October 3, 2012


ORB Watch
ORB Watch Concept by Djordje

Djordje says:
Motivation of time, I wanted to achieve the effect of ease of watching at time, to understand better their own time.

The idea for this watch is classic plastic bracelet, with incorporated lines inside the watch that show the current time. Those three line are rotating around the watch and show the time, while the seconds line is going around all the time.

All those people who want simplicity of reading time.
As opposed to other watches this watch is distinguished by its shape, purity, and ease of looking at the watch as its highest function and therefore the aesthetics.

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Djordje ORB Watch Concept Serbia Designer
Design by Djordje [via]


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