QuadOrbium LED Watch Concept by Peter Fletcher

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On October 7, 2012
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QuadOrbium LED Watch
QuadOrbium LED Watch Concept by Peter Fletcher

Designer descriptions:
This is “QuadOrbium” The watch is loosely inspired by the humble bicycle combination lock.
The gyneric format of the inspiration tends to consist of four discs with numbers printed on them that your scroll untill the correct combination of numbers are displayed and the lock can be disengaged.

“QuadOrbium” works on a similar priciple, and consists of four (quad) spheres (orbs) with numbers inset into them (the “ium” make it sound like a chemical or element made up of the four orbs (molecules) The spheres are rotated/scrolled by the user until the correct numbers for the time are displayed, when a correct number is displayed it illuminates (LED backlit) along with the edge of the strap that surrounds the display. The lights would go off after a duration of time (this duration could be set by the wearer). If only a minute has passed since the last time display it would only be necesary to rotate the final sphere, as soon as this is done all the spheres would re-illuminate to describe the time.

(this time telling method would also work well with LCD touch screen/s but would be less tactile)
The unusual and tactile interaction with the display has a fun feel that might appeal to people who like playful unusual products. The elegent organic form of the strap has an adult appearance that may appeal to the more sofisticated amoungst us.

The time telling method with the interatctive quality in conjuction with the flowing form sets this design aside from others. The technology is simple in its concept and should be makeable using existing processes and manufacturing methods.

To keep the animation simple the spheres are all one number away from the correct time so minimal scrolling was needed. In reality some of the spheres would require more scrolling.

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Modern QuadOrbium LED Watch Concept Design Ideas
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