Sunrise LED Watch Design Concept by Sarah


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On October 8, 2012
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Sunrise LED Watch
Sunrise LED Watch Design Concept by Sarah

Designer descriptions:
This is my second attempt at designing a watch and has been a development of the previous snowflake idea, except this one is inspired by sunrises.
I’ve started to try to use sketchup for 3D drawing and a free rendering package, but I’m not good yet so sorry again for another rough design.

The minutes of the watch are in the centre of the face, and light up starting from 1 at the top, moving clockwise around, finishing with a centre dot for 9 (please see pic), no yellow lights at 0.

Tens of minutes are around those in orange, again starting at the top and moving clockwise around, however for this a dull orange pattern is always visible, but lights up brighter sequentially from 10 mins onwards.

Hours are shown in the red band around the edge. Like the orange pattern, the red pattern is always on but dull, and gradually lights up with points around the outside, these points are positioned in normal analogue clock positions. As each hour progresses, the LEDs light up and stay on in sequence (just 1 outer LED at 1am/pm, 2 outer LEDs at 2am/pm and so on), however this could be modified maybe in the settings to just one light per hour.

Am/Pm lights are blue and in bottom right position of the face. One light for am, two for pm.
Buttons on the side of the watch allow modification of the settings such as brightness, or method of displaying hours etc.
The other side has a concealed USB charge port.

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Sarah United Kingdom Sunrise LED Watch Designer Concept
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