Terraform LED Watch Concept by Logan Design

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On October 18, 2012
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Terraform LED Watch
Terraform LED Watch Concept by Logan Design

Designer descriptions:
What to wear to a formal event? LEDs, a smoked black lens, and engraved metal.
Terraform uses a simple, almost classical method of telling the time. In a classical analog watch, the hours and minutes are indicated by hands inside the dial. But what if we move the hour and minute indicators to the outside of the dial? Terraform uses this approach, with LEDs as indicators surrounding a disc for the hours (top) and a disc for the 5-minute groups (bottom). The disc are made of the same metal as the case, inlaid into the smoked black lens and engraved with a grid or etched with images of the Moon or Mars. Four small LED dots at the bottom count extra minutes 1-4.

Suggestions for customizing the case color, engraving/etching, LED color, and strap color are shown in the examples.
If you’re equally at home in the corporate board room or on the bridge of a spaceship, Terraform will fit your personality.

Terraform is both formal and futuristic, with an unusual but subdued case design. The inlaid discs add an extra dimension to customization and make this a great candidate for a highly personalized LED watch.

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