VIA Modular Cooking Unit Concept by Buse Ustun

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On October 26, 2012
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VIA Modular Cooking Unit
VIA Modular Cooking Unit Concept by Buse Ustun

Designer descriptions:
VIA modular cooking unit is suitable for two-person use, targeted especially at young adult couples. It aims to reduce fast-food consumption of users who suffer from exhausting work hours and to motivate them to consume homemade food. VIA is differentiated from other cooking products by the combination of cooking methods offered, its practical use and easiness to clean. Additionally, the product is suitable for use in small kitchens since the storage of unused cooking modules occupies minimal space.

VIA modular cooking unit aims to fulfill majority of the cooking needs of users by offering various cooking methods, ease of use, compactness and ease of clean. To achieve various cooking methods, the product is built up on modularity and extendability. Different cooking methods are served with the use of specialized cooking modules including induction cooking, grill, griddle and steam cooking. The product has an in-built storage where the induction, grill and griddle modules can be kept when not in use. The product becomes extended through left and right flip parts that enable electrical connection with the cooking modules.

Main cooking area in the middle is designed as an induction cooker. To increase the capacity or to use other cooking methods, the modules are added to the side flip part. To attach the module, flip part needs to be rotated until it becomes parallel with the counter surface. The module is placed on the side flip part and electrical connection is provided with sliding the module. When the connection is provided, the icon belongs to the module appears on the screen.

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Buse Ustun VIA Modular Cooking Unit Concept Designer
Design by Buse Ustun


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