11°11’11” Watch Design Concept by Romain

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On November 4, 2012
Last modified:November 4, 2012


11°11’11” Watch
11°11’11” Watch Design Concept by Romain

Designer descriptions:
I had the idea of an arrow-shaped watch design, with also digits like arrows. In short, an arrow-watch! I also wanted that, at a specific moment of the day, there to be three arrows instead of the digits. For this moment, I chose 11 hours, 11 minutes, 11 seconds.

The 11°11’11” watch can be made in plastic or other flexible material, with large edges on the side of the bracelet. There are two possibilities for the numbers: normal (first position) or symmetric (second position). The two numbers are joined back to back, we must imagine a line between them. The setting buttons are behind the face.

I think the 11°11’11” watch will appeal to all those who want a watch with an original shape and flashy colors. Indeed, this watch is more beautiful with bright colors, not dark or grey shades.

This design is original because it is the first time that a watch has a form of arrow, like if it does a full turn of the wrist.

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Romain 11°11’11” Watch Design Concept France Designers
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