Decaminute Watch Concept by Logan Design

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On November 10, 2012
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Decaminute Watch
Decaminute Watch Concept by Logan Design

Designer descriptions:
I interpreted Tokyoflash’s slogan, “change the way you think about time,” as a design challenge: create a watch that will convince a traditionalist that there are advantages to thinking differently about time.

Decaminute is an analog watch based on this idea: we’re used to counting with the decimal system, so it’s more natural to read the time is hours-tens of minutes-single minutes than as hours-minutes. The watch has a single hand that rotates once every 10 minutes, with highly legible markers for single minutes. At the left (between the 7 and 8-minute markers, the traditional 9 o’clock position), there is a window showing jumping hours and jumping tens of minutes. The overall effect is faster, more natural time reading, and a bonus is that having only 10 major divisions on the dial instead of 12 means that there is more space for subdivisions — 0.1 minute subdivisions. The extra space and lengthened 0.5 minute markers makes these subdivisions very easy to read.

Decaminute can be appreciated by people who love traditional watch designs, but want to explore new methods of reading the time, or by people who love Tokyoflash-style time reading, but want to explore classical designs. I hope this design will attract people who would not normally consider wearing a Tokyoflash watch and also Tokyoflash fans who are bored with traditional watches.

Innovating in the analog time world is difficult without adding complexity. Decaminute represents a new way to think about time, but is no more complex — and possibly simpler — than traditional analog designs.

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