K-sec LCD Travellers Watch Concept by Cory Farris

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On November 10, 2012
Last modified:November 10, 2012


K sec LCD Travellers Watch
K-sec LCD Travellers Watch Concept by Cory Farris

Designer descriptions:
There are no seasons on a starship. No weeks, months, or years. The minute becomes meaningless, since there are 60 of those in an ‘hour’ and 24 of those in a day. Star faring humans long ago began using the Kilosecond. Metric time, for when the rotation of a distant homeworld no longer holds any bearing.

To become accustomed to using the Kilosecond instead of minutes, hours, and such, this watch makes the conversions easy. 0.06 kiloseconds is one Earth minute, 3.6 kiloseconds is an Earth hour. 86.4 kiloseconds is the time it takes Earth to complete one full rotation on its axis, a day. 2.62 megaseconds is the average for one of Earth’s twelve months, and 31.5 megaseconds is the length of a single orbit of Earth around Sol, a year.

All personnel on most any human starship use the kilosecond to track cryosleep rotations, duty shifts, and time of arrival. The kilosecond readout can be set as either a “time since departure” or a “countdown to arrival.” The time in the given example is the time since Earth year 2000, the millennium change.

Getting used to measuring time in kiloseconds isn’t easy, this watch will ease the transition for any first time star travellers.

2013 Modern K sec LCD Travellers Watch Concept Images

Cory Farris Futuristic K sec LCD Travellers Watch Concept Innovative USA Designers
Design by Cory Farris [via]


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