Orbital Decay Watch Concept by Peter Fletcher

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On November 4, 2012
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2012 Modern Orbital Decay Watch Concept Ideas
Orbital Decay Watch Concept by Peter Fletcher

Designer descriptions:
I was trying to think of a very simple and intuitive way of showing the time with essential a digital “one handed analogue” type of time telling format. The easiest way it seemed to do this is to have a hand moving in two directions, rotationally for one part of the time telling and towards and away from the pivot for the other. I soon realised after looking at one of my older designs “Tri-Ripple” that the most intuitive way of doing this is an expanding orbit around the pivot point. Like a satellite slowly moving slowly away from the object its orbiting.

The time telling is basically told by an ring with a (moon) icon orbiting around an axis (planet earth etc) similar to the ones used on “Tri-Ripple”.

The icon orbits around the axis one rotation per hour. After each hour the size of the ring expands like a “decaying orbit” hence the name. There are markers on the glass to highlight the hours as the ring expands and optional markers on the face to help with reading the minutes. I have based the design on LCD so to make the display less dense the icon moves at 5 minute increments, therefore there are also single minute markers which appear randomly around the screen like stars or ufos etc. The moon icon appears as a hollow ring for AM and solid for PM.

The display and time telling method are very simple and clutter free and can be read at a glance. This will hopefully make this suitable for a wide audience. The strap design is reminiscent of classic designs like “Nekura Tundra” so hopefully this will help the design appeal to old school fans. The proportions are small to allow for a unisex market and the band would be available with a multitude of finishes to appeal to the majority.

This design stands out due to its intuitive and simple time telling method which has a retro futuristic charm. The design and construction method are based on current processes which hopefully adds to the viability.

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Peter Fletcher Orbital Decay Watch Concept UK Designers
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