Pi Watch Design Concept by Andrew

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On November 4, 2012
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Pi Watch
Pi Watch Design Concept by Andrew

Designer descriptions:
The following LCD watch concept uses an analogue display based on a Pie Chart to display the portion / percentage of time that has elapsed.

I call this design: ∏ / PI. The watches use a one Push Button & two dials (∏s / PI Squared: three Buttons) controls: LED Light (Push & Hold to set Time), Hour Dial & a Minute Dial.

A central Hour dial is divided into 12 equally sized 30 degree sectors (one per Hour). The Outer dial is used to display the number of Minutes that have elapsed within an given Hour. This is achieved using sixty six degree segments which are arranged around the outer edge of the Hour dial. The shift from AM to PM Hour is display using a shift in the shade of LED Back light: Pale: AM, Bright: PM.

This watch is aimed at people who are looking for a watch with minimalistic style.
The display on these watch designs are clear,simple & easy to read. Plus this design is available in Three separate Watch Face Styles: ∏ / PI (Round),∏2 / PI Squared & ∏ Hex/ PI Hexagonal.

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