Volvo A40F Articulated Hauler Concept by Stina Nilimaa Wickstrom

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On November 10, 2012
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Volvo A40F Articulated Hauler
Volvo A40F Articulated Hauler Concept by Stina Nilimaa Wickstrom

Designer descriptions:
Haulers, also called dumpers, are powerful construction equipment vehicles used for heavy-duty work in the most demanding conditions, terrain and applications, such as in quarries and mines. Volvo Construction Equipment’s A40F articulated hauler has been designed to set new standards in the market that Volvo itself created in 1966 when it invented the world’s first articulated hauler “Gravel Charlie”. The latest machine features improvements in design, functionality and maintenance, expressing the unique speed, balance and flexibility of all Volvo haulers. The A40F possesses an imposing appearance that is a direct reflection of the hauler’s high performance and productivity, as well as its strength and durability. The machine manoeuvres, travels and dumps its load in the most efficient and safest way. The A40F is more fuel-efficient than the previous E-Series model. The ergonomically designed, centrally positioned operator station offers all-round visibility. The spacious, low-noise, climate-controlled interior and easy-to-reach controls combine to make the cab a low-stress environment specifically developed for comfort and productivity. The design of this dumper was guided by the aim to convey the core values of quality, safety and environmental care.

Stina Nilimaa Wickstrom red dot 2012 Volvo A40F Articulated Hauler Concept Design Ideas
Design by Stina Nilimaa Wickstrom Manufacturered by Volvo Construction Equipment


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