ZeroPointOne Watch Design Concept by Samuel Jerichow

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On November 3, 2012
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ZeroPointOne Watch
ZeroPointOne Watch Design Concept by Samuel Jerichow

Designer descriptions:
My idea is an LCD display, that reacts to light, like a human eye does. To express this idea, I let myself inspire by HAL 9000, the ship’s computer in Stanley Kubrick’s motion picture 2001: a space odyssey.

The LCD display consists of an iris-like aperture in which expands when it gets darker and contracts when it gets brighter. A light sensor provides the needed data. Underneath is a highly reflective red metallic layer that gives the display the often quoted image of HAL 9000′s red eye. The display is always on, and whenever the wearer gets into differently lighted areas, the eye reacts, as if the watch has an a.i.

The time display has to be activated by a button. It is always showing the opposite shade of the aperture so it can be read every time. Time is told with an analog watch derived display with optional indicators. For too dark areas, there is another button for the backlight. I kept a sober “future of the 60′s” style for the watch, also slightly inspired by HAL 9000.

The sober and geeky statement of the watch is not for everyone of course. The strong resemblance to the original might appeal to fans of the movie who grew up with it. Younger people quickly realize, the watch is beyond average contemporary watch design. Everyone who likes subtle and stylish science fiction might like it.

ZeroPointOne is a timeless design for the future, inspired by the past. It constantly reacts to the light situation and therefore seems to have an own life.

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