BMW 328 Hommage Concept

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BMW Concept Design 2013 300x199You do not have to be a car fanatic to be bowled over by the breathtaking BMW 328 Hommage Concept. You cannot take your eyes of this aerodynamic Hommage Concept. BMW has launched this new BMW concept car as part of its 75th anniversary of its 328 roadster. When the 328 Hommage Concept was unveiled in Italy, the model took the world by storm. This is a perfect sports car modeled based on the classic BMW 328 of 1936. Though the latest model reflects sophistication to meet the tastes and preference of modern car enthusiasts, many details of the latest 328 have been taken from the classic 1936 BMW 328. This is one of the best-looking sports cars models of BMW 2013.

This BMW Concept car features circular headlamps, which adds class to the car. The front grid is a lung or kidney shaped double grid with vertical orientation to give it a more modern feel but also keeping in line with the BMW signature design. One of the out of the box features of the BMW 328 is the leather straps that runs on top of the bonnet across to the side panels. The leather strap again surfaces on the side flanks creating an unbelievable aesthetic appeal. The windshield of the latest BMW 328 Hommage concept care has been inspired by the classic BMW 328. Other areas that have been inspired by the original design include the gas tank lid and the wheels. Like you can expect from the trendiest BMW 2013 sports car, there are no doors. This stunning BMW 2013 model is a two seater. This however should not be a problem because it is very easy to get in and get out of the car, because of the deep recesses like the classic 328.

The round shaped grille adds to the aesthetic appeal of the car. The high-gloss polished surface and matt finish sides forms an interesting combination giving it an elite and trendy feel to the car. All the controls of the car are on the driver’s side for enhanced feel.

This BMW concept to prove that it is the trendiest BMW 2013 car features two iPhones on the passenger side. These iPhones are custom designed to be like stop watches for measuring the lap times. These iPhones are also GPS gadgets. These iPhones do not have to be glued to the car; they can also be stand-alone devices.

On the hardware side, this soft and gentle looking sports car has a 3.0 liter inline six-cylinder beast sitting inside to power the car. BMW 328 concept car is a lightweight car made of reinforced carbon fiber plastic. This material has already been in use by the BMW family especially in the M6 and M3. The body of the car uses carbon weave pattern and not coated by paint.

If you are a Beamer boy and a racing car addict then you will certainly not be disappointed with this BMW concept car.


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