XBox Portable Concept Design

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Microsoft Xbox has set a new trend in the video gaming industry and has started carving a special place for itself in the industry. Xbox 360 along with the Kinect is a highly revolutionary game offering the users unmatched experience. While the competitors like Wii, Nintendo, PSP have their games in portable or handheld versions, strangely Microsoft is yet to capture this segment. Despite Microsoft’s hesitation in brining about Xbox portable version, many interesting Xbox portable concept designs are emerging in the industry. Added to that, it is also not uncommon to read frequent Xbox news articles Xbox portable coming soon. Many gaming enthusiasts are expecting Xbox portable 2013 releases. As these expectations grow very intense, many interesting Xbox portable concept designs are emerging.

Let us take a look at some interesting Xbox portable concept designs. One of the latest Xbox portable concept designs is named Xbox Vignea. This is a sleek handheld model for Xbox but we cannot deny the fact that this design reminds us greatly of the handheld PSP.

Another interesting model comes from Djeric and this model is again an Xbox handheld model and the specialty of this model is that it is a touch sensitive device with a very futuristic design.

xbox portable 300x190

xbox portable








X-mobile deserves our attention here. This is named X-mobile because this device is a combination of Xbox and mobile phone.

xbox mobile  300x233

xbox mobile concept design 2013


This has been designed by Michaell Dionne. This concept design has a sliding game controls and it will fit in easily in your pocket. You will be able to have unlimited fun with this handheld Xbox device. This Xbox concept design looks very simple but it is very trendy.

With the ‘Xbox coming soon’ fever many interesting concept designs are being rolled out online. Once the Xbox portable model is launched, it is sure to take over the market because the Xbox fans would love to have travel with their Xbox gaming pleasure.

Even before any official news about the portable Xbox devices so many designs are floated around and you can easily guess the effect the handheld devices will have on the Xbox crazy video gamers.

Another interesting conceptual Xbox 720 portable design that you will come across online is what you see below. The sliding keypad is a nice touch to this model. The display size is very generous with this model and it is sure to give you excellent gaming experience.

XBox Portable Concept Design 2013 300x187

Xbox fans are eagerly waiting to hear the good news from Microsoft. The company has been dodging for too long now. However, the pressure of competition will make the company start thinking about the portable Xbox version. When the company is ready to for the portable version, you will surely have the most impressive options for Xbox portable concept designs. Until you can hold one in your hand, you just need to be satisfied with the futuristic Xbox portable designs. The market is ripe to receive the product, delaying the handheld or portable Xbox version could be one of the marketing strategies by Microsoft to create the longing among the fanatics.


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