Eunoia Airship Concept by Thomas Tzortzi

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Eunoia Airship
This airship seats 8-10. Eight exclusive, high-class seeking, super abundant folks. Tzortzi notes:

This may seem out of context having a project that features large social and environment consideration, but it is Made to create aspiration for Airships to be brought back virtually.

The airship travels at a slow speed, offering time for individuals to enjoy their vacation and see the points of interest they’d otherwise not have time to take in from upon high. Solar power panels distribute across the top of the dispatch, the ship brimming with helium, no harm is completed in this transport in any way. There’s a viewing pill in the gondola, a sundeck over the top of the ship, plus a viewing room within the nose of the framework.
Thomas Tzortzi Eunoia Airship

Design Eunoia Airship Concept

Eunoia Airship Concept
Design by Thomas Tzortzi


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