Sajjadah 1426 Soner Ozenc


Sajjadah 1426 Prayer Rug Soner Ozenc
A prayer rug can be a little and moveable carpet that Muslims set within the flooring after they complete their prayers. Its principal perform would be to provide a clean and isolated platform for that prayer. Using the distinct styles on its surface area, furthermore, it aims to deliver the environment of a mosque to wherever they get it.

Muslims pray five times per day. The sole products they want to complete their prayers is actually a prayer rug. And there is 1 issue they need to get cautious about: the holy town of Mecca the route towards which they need to execute their prayers.
Unique Sajjadah 1426 Prayer Rug Soner Ozenc
As 1 of the main aims of Sajjadah 1426 was to emphasize the values from the designs about the prayer rug, lighting those patterns up was considered as the key approach from the extremely very first phases in the concept. There have been numerous technologies choices to realize this effect: mini LEDs, fibre optics, EL wire embroidery and EL panel. Following the experiments completed, probably the most suitable 1 turned out to get the Electro Luminescent Phosphore Printing engineering. EL wire embroidery has also been explored through the research aspect and a~mini glow wire’ was ordered from your UK-based organization Surelight Ltd.
Cool Sajjadah 1426 Prayer Rug Soner Ozenc
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