Helix Pen Watch by Raka Gemma

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Helix Pen Watch
Helix Pen Watch by Raka Gemma – Despite of the latest technological advancement in nearly every sector of everyday existence, people are still with all the traditional pens to write down a letter, a note, in order to sketch and to attract something, etc. The actual Helix concept is driven by focusing on the true secret use of a compose and combining that with an innovative as well as practical functionality. Additionally, to reflect the pencil owner’s identity was one more point of the layout process. Helix means twist-shape form, which is very much elaborated while using design of the product. The appearance of this concept is modern-day, simple and straightforward, as well as the color combination along with the digital watch strengthened the modern image.
Helix Pen Watch 2

Helix Pen Watch 3 Helix Pen Watch 4 Helix Pen Watch 5 Helix Pen Watch 6

Helix Pen Watch 7
Design by Raka Gemma


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