MOY Car Concept by Elvis Tomljenovic

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MOY Car Concept
MOY Car Concept by Elvis Tomljenovic – MOY concept was made for a generation used to using press to express themselves. The theory is everyone can style their own car automatically computer and then implement the design to their car wirelessly or reveal it with others via a website or even electronic mail. For those lacking imaginative skillz, there’s a slew associated with templates to choose from. The auto is always connected thus imagine dynamically changing your vehicle’s pores and skin in motion. WAIT that doesn’t stop. Since MOY can display both static images and videos you can use it as a new moderate for promotion way too!
Is the tech probable? Well it’s powered by in-wheel electric motots. The body from the car is made of outer and inner policarbonate cellular levels, with layers of liquid cristals, LED diodes as well as electrochromic foil (film) inbetween. Tho I really like the idea, if MySpace taught us one thing it’s that MOST people are not really designers and I assure if the MOY or something as it ever comes to being, we might as well hang up the phone our pre-verbal coat due to the fact personal creativity often trumps manufactured layout. We’ll have officially get into a new era regarding ugly meets individualism.
MOY Car Concept 2
MOY Car Concept 3
MOY Car Concept 4
MOY Car Concept 5
MOY Car Concept 6
Design by Elvis Tomljenovic


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