4D Floating Watch by Matej Korytar

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4D Floating Watch
4D Floating Watch by Matej Korytar – Although all wrist watches are watches of your time, not all watches are usually floating watches of energy. This watch is but one that takes into account the 1st through third proportions, plus the fourth, which usually designer Matej Korytar says is time itself. Ironically, this kind of fourth dimension can be displayed in the 3rd. This display contains the capability to display some time based on gravity or relative to the head of the baby whose wrist the timepiece is around. Need to see the time? No more need to proceed your arm, just look down advertising online! So very simple.
4D Floating Watch 2
4D Floating Watch 3
4D Floating Watch 4
Design by Matej Korytar


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