RZ Ultima Concept by Racer X

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RZ Ultima Concept Car
The RZ Ultima Concept car offers an uncompromising and contemporary look. The Racing X Design team took a standard GTR design (with the chassis as well as running gear unchanged) and added aesthetic touches to produce a much more elegant and refined racecar physical appearance. It’s an streamlined racing car principle that incorporates modern modifications to create a fancy car that blurs the distinction between road and track. By melding the scorching performance of a performance car with modern styling, the RZ Ultima Concept by Racer X Style defies convention. It embodies many things connected with a supercar: quick acceleration, luxurious interiors, and interesting exteriors with a hard and sporty appeal. The RZ Ultima concept applies the same specifications as the Ultima GTR, which connotes rate, but not in the a higher level the most evocative names within the sports car world.
Racer X RZ Ultima Concept Car
Design by Racer X


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