The Microwave Vase

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vase oven
Individuals morning of rapidly playing around attempting to grab a bite to consume even while tossing on some clothes and gathering your essentials during the day are to familiar to all of us. It appears that point to complete everything becomes harder to locate in the current world. We’re constantly trying to find new methods to accomplish more a lot sooner. The Microwave Vase created by Woo Seokmoon enables for individuals morning hours rushes being a little more enjoyable. The Vase upon first glance looks as being a normal whitened vase, however after closer examination, you will find that it’s a lot more function than simply a normal vase – Additionally, it doubles like a Microwave. That morning mug of coffee has a tendency to get cold rapidly while you move about trying to undergo your morning routine, so why wouldn’t you place that cup within the vase, twist the very best towards the configurations you want and when the eco-friendly leaf on the top illuminates, your coffee is heated up once more as well as your rapidly moving toward a pleasurable morning. If not being used, the Microwave Vase could be omitted, looking at your table like a nice, modern decorative piece for your house.
vase microwave
Design by Woo Seokmoon


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