Time in Notes Watch Design by TokyoFlash

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Time in Notes Watch Design by TokyoFlash 2
Time in Notes Watch Design by TokyoFlash – Time in Notes watch concept was recommended by Laszlo of Hungary for TokyoFlash. This watch continues to be designed using e-paper when the time is indicated by melodious musical notes. They have AM/PM utility and also consist of 440 Hz “A” resonance to help in remodelling the musical tools. There is an option to turn off the sound purpose and the time may be represented only within notes. The idea of exhibiting time musically is considered to be imaginative and an incredible idea. The product will have a new warm welcome among the musicians and complete music geek. The style of the case, strap along with the display of the view are beautifully designed and give an elegant look. Paperwork written on e-paper include an advantage to the grace of the product. It’s past imagination to create a great product that simply informs the time with a musical technology note. Unfortunately, nobody can read music, which means this watch target market would be limited. Time in Records watch would change the phrase “watch/see the time” as “listen/hear the particular time”.
Time in Notes Watch Design by TokyoFlash 3
Design by Laszlo for [via]


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