Urinal On Target

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ontarget urinal
Recessed right into a urinal is really a pressure-sensitive screen. Once the guest uses it, he triggers an interactive game, creating images and seem. The lower size the aotargeta enhances bathroom hygiene and will save on cleanings costs (such as the aofly within the urinala at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport terminal). Additionally, it makes a visit to the urinal aofun and gamesa a not only an essential nuisance. By projecting the overall game experience in to the public space, audiences are treated to an alternative method of imagining the abstract, and also the entertainment value is increased. The projection from the project right into a museum space was created of like a critical-ironic measure, questioning the idea of art, but stretching it simultaneously. aoOn targeta is definitely an interactive installation using the functional reason for enhancing hygiene.
Design by Marcel Neundorfer


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