2021 Urban Vehicular Ovalon Concept by Alexei Mikhailov

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Urban Vehicular Ovalon
The concept vehicle you’re embark on a study and viewing associated with is the “Urban Vehicular Ovalon” aka UVO. This concept car for your futuristic year night out of 2021 is what I’d phone a pod car. Designed for inner city commute by designer Alexei Mikhailov. Your UVO sends you around the metropolis in an oval type with two similar axis, moving about employing magnets tied along with drive-link technology to either tie pods together for train-like transport or avoid other pods entirely. The vehicle features fuel cell technology making use of electric motors in each of the wheels. These kinds of motors are tied in with magnets which act as stabilizing gyroscopes keep the vehicle upright in moving and stopping. Wireless energy transformers assist recharge parking hot-spots found all around the city. These people recharge the vehicle employing electromagnetic induction technology even though you’re having yourself a coffee.
UVO Mobility 2021 Concept

Alexei Mikhailov Urban Vehicular Ovalon

Concept 2021 Urban Vehicular Ovalon
Design by Alexei Mikhailov


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