Ghepardo De Tomaso Car Concept by Frederik Tjellesen

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Ghepardo De Tomaso
Ghepardo is powered either by a Ford twin-turbo ecoboost Several.5 V6 engine making 465 bgp or by several electric in-hub fuel cellular material producing 85 Kw each (combined producing the equivalent of 440 bhp.) Electricity can be produced by a methanol gas cell stack located beneath the 500 re boot.

Car Ghepardo De Tomaso Concept
This entire auto is inspired not only by the P Tomaso past line of vehicles, but by a good taylor-made Italian suit too. De Tomaso cars Pantera and also Mangusta are used as creativity for surface therapies and more. Instead of giant air intakes purportedly indicating power, the actual Ghepardo boasts ecoboost technology as well as methanol fuel cells. Eco friendly energy sources are Accurate power. Elegant surface area, stands, volume, tensioned traces, and integrated spoilers setting up a 0.25 Disc drag. Bottom house windows installed to “increase the back passengers perception regarding speed.” With a cue from the Magusta, the rear gull wings serve as boot cover and also rear doors. Have you ever ever actually in your long longevity heard of “De Tomaso” car making company? They’ve done properly, almost went directly into liquidation a few years ago, and are today back in business. And you also know who wants to be on their team? Developer Frederik Tjellsesen. And he’s done one particular heck of a work creating a concept capture their eye. Tjellsesen’s designed a four-door sports car by the name of Ghepardo, emphasizing the fabulously modern gray with a clean, sensual purple.
Concept Ghepardo De Tomaso Car

De Tomaso Ghepardo Car Concept Design Ghepardo De Tomaso Car

Frederik Tjellesen Ghepardo De Tomaso Car
Design by Frederik Tjellesen


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