Soft Phone Concept by Jian Qian

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Soft Phone Concept
Soft Phone Concept by Jian Qian – Using soft materials, this Soft Cell phone concept is a finalist inside Tancher Award 2008. The actual interface features it’s fabric material, for you to define the operate modules by extrusion along with fold. This delicate phone concept is founded on the fabric digital display technology, which will cause a new experience in a lot more flexible cell phone functioning. Jian Qian says “The Bluetooth earphone buckled to the line can charge the phone through Electromagnetic Induction. The material in the interface is cloth while the one of video and circle can be silica gel, making the phone very delicate and portable.”
Soft Phone Concept 2

Soft Phone Concept 3 Soft Phone Concept 4

Soft Phone Concept 5
Design by Jian Qian


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