Volkswagen Terrafine Car Concept by Niklas Palm

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Volkswagen Terrafine
It’s the Volkswagen Terrafine as well as it’s designed by Niklas Palm for any union of water and also land vehicles in a very rock and roll sort of method. This magic machine carves. It’s made inspired simply by chris-craft boats and skateboards, developing a “carving-mode” in which wheel-arms move to permit the vehicle lean in to corners in a unique way. Then, while on land, a unique function allows top wheels to secure as an anchor and then drag the rest of the car or truck over obstacles as an earthworm. This makes this particular off-road land vehicle method keep the earth throughout “fine” condition, hence the title of this project Terrafine. Battery pack between the seating, torsion suspension, wheel-arms for everybody, in wheel electric engines, a suspension engine, and so much fun for everyone daring enough in order to fly around inside it.
Niklas Palm Volkswagen Terrafine Car

Car Concept Volkswagen Terrafine

Design Volkswagen Terrafine Car
Design by Niklas Palm


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