Bentley Jeckyll Hyde Car Concept by Bora Kim

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Bentley Jeckyll Hyde
Designer Bora Kim didn’t just need one car. Thustly, there are 2. This Jeckyll and Hyde concept goes along the lines of exactly what Kim predicts would be the next wave involving high-class cars “Eco Luxury”. That learning how what you’re purchasing is effecting the environment you’re going to drive it in. The Jeckyll and Hyde differentiates itself from your eco-car movement a slight tad because it is meant to be “luxury.” Thus it aims to combine Artwork and Philosophy. That is meant to come out within the aesthetics of the car. The waves, your whooshes, the loveliness. The car’s operating bits! They are this: power generated coming from solar, wind, and electric sources. The moving surface which usually, like a sunflower, aims alone toward the largest sunshine source. When breeze power is easier to get into, it turns compared to that. The technology isn’t really all there nevertheless, but the idea with this concept is to change the particular minds of those using the cash first. Purchasing technological breakthroughs inside ecological safety approaches is the new black.
Car Bentley Jeckyll Hyde

Concept Bentley Jeckyll Hyde Car Design Bentley Jeckyll Hyde Car

Bora Kim Bentley Jeckyll Hyde Car
Design by Bora Kim


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