Kazaguruma Vehicle Concept by Ippei Iwahara

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Kazaguruma Vehicle
The following concept is named Kazaguruma. It’s a wind push mobility project which in turn employs the wind flow using an automobile that can utilize it in an amazing way. Air level of resistance and dynamic elevate make this car proceed quite speedily. And delay! It’s tested on a small-scale, you can see it in the video below. All this has to do with the Magnus effect. In a nutshell, it has to use the spinning regarding fan in the back creating a whirlwind effect, and that force creating the forward motion from the entire vehicle. The actual Kazaguruma Wind Force Mobility is an entry for your James Dyson Awards.
The actual James Dyson Award is surely an international design merit that celebrates, stimulates and inspires the next generation of design designers.
Kazaguruma Wind Force Mobility

Concept Kazaguruma Vehicle

Ippei Iwahara Kazaguruma Vehicle
Design by Ippei Iwahara


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