Maininki Concept Car by Antti Eskeli

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Maininki Concept Car Antti Eskeli
Maininki has been designed to match the transportation demand, numerous distances and conditions in Nordic countries. Extra sedan yet compact as a hatchback that offers an eco option is needed. In the first place of designing this specific car, the designer had the idea of making a form that employs a combination of organic and also fluid arches. The 2nd consideration was the rules of aerodynamics. Wheels are positioned with the outer most edges of the vehicle regarding ideal handling and also superb weight syndication to increase safety inside higher traveling rates of speed.
The front end shape pushes most of the venting to the top of the auto and rest of this underneath. The underbody is shaped to resemble a diffuser. It creates ample downforce without any added spoilers on top of the body. The air intakes situated on the sides from the car are mostly aerodynamical. These people force the air stream to pass the rear auto tires from their sides to minimize the wind resistance. The identical air flow keeps the trunk electric motors along with brakes in the Michelin Active Wheels cooled.
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Design by Antti Eskeli


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