Peregrinate Car Concept by Gabriel Tam

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Peregrinate Car
This project is named Peregrinate and it’s by artist Gabriel Tam. Peregrinate is a chauffeur driven auto made for a designer boutique hotel called the Fontana Park Resort. The Fontana is in the city of Lisbon, the capital and probably most gorgeous city throughout Portugal, a place ideal to get driven around the block in a car in. The hotel has a full-on black and white style, a hardcore beautiful look reflected in the car. The car has a Superhydrophobicity Lexan plastic body with a gradient transitional tint DLO – I’ll buy you a cup of joe someday if you know exactly what that means without seeking it up. The entire auto inside and outside is sharp edge inspired – not the movie, the idea of any blade, sharp along with sassy. Rear Guided brake lamps, Polyurethane gel bumper, expanded wheelbase creating an extra-long raise cabin, gliding pantograph entrance system, draw-style luggage pocket, front luggage area, furniture styled (comfort and ease, of course) flowing seating systems. Customizable Technogel elastomer seating system, transparent OLED exhibit system for driver and passengers, clear stylish working atmosphere for driver, on the other hand inclusive or distinctive cabin environment for passengers.
Peregrinate Car Concept

Design Peregrinate Car Futuristic Peregrinate Car Concept Gabriel Tam Peregrinate Car

Interior Peregrinate Car Concept
Design by Gabriel Tam


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