The Guardian Vehicle Concept by John Bukasa

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Guardian Vehicle
This is an automobile in the future of family transfer and safety plus it goes by the name “The Guardian.” Epic brand! It’s automated enough which you will want no license, there’s zero age minimum, and you will be drunk being a sailor inside of it while it’s cruising in the future. Well that’s crazy, you need to be saying. It’s computerized!, I say. I can’t support but think of the motion picture Minority Report the place that the cars also all-but-drive on their own, allowing lots of freedom for speed however as you quickly comprehend, a lot of room for control by government. Inside you’ll also find a gaming console, movie unit, and an advanced big wide touch-screen TV using multiple screen-in-screens. The Mother or father can accommodate approximately 7 passengers: Four adults and 3 kids. The size of the vehicle will be offset by its material components, the greatest one being metal. Four in-wheel electric engines using Lithium-ion batteries help it become go with solar power combined with electric energy. Four tyre manuverability enables the vehicle to do a zero distance turn. There’s no front or rear so there’s no need for a U-turn. There’s basically nothing but windows so there’s no blind areas.

John Bukasa Guardian Vehicle Concept Casser Design Guardian Vehicle

Concept Guardian Vehicle
Design by John Bukasa (Casser Design)


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