Xscape 2030 Car Concept by Shengjie Wang

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Xscape 2030
Devour if you will this escape from urbanization, the XSCAPE comes from a time and place unfamiliar to us since yet, a concept auto for 2030. Every day commuting is what this particular lady is for, accommodating and narrow to the condensed spaces of the future. Flexible materials are usually mixed with solids for any safe ride along with trip – this car can also extend horizontally to accommodate more than one rider. The off shoot mechanism is built-into the chassis and also the pillar which goes along the roof all the way along until the rear. At the back, a concertina associated with extended lights and also a cluster-like hatch that unwraps to provide flexible luggage space as well. Every single wheel is light and highly energy efficient, a light red stripe runs along every to show the breadth. Sensors and cameras are installed down the wheels to be seen from within the car. Inside of you’ll find minimal software between the occupants as well as the vehicle. Each mechanism is hidden under spandex-like materials allowing for maximum movement and flexibility even though remaining simple aesthetically as possible. Controls appear and disappear just as easily. All the following are retractable so that the driver may possibly enter/exit the vehicle: pedals, dashboard, and also steering wheel. The design you’ll see in the 1st image is milled out of a high-density yellow foam on a Three or more axis CNC machine. The DLO is made from a sheet involving 2mm Perspex on a vacuum forming machine, and small parts were produced using a rapid prototyping machine.
Shengjie Wang Xscape 2030 Car

Xscape 2030 Car Concept Design Xscape 2030 Car

Interior Xscape 2030 Car Concept
Design by Shengjie Wang


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