Audi Quattro Concept Car

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Audi Quattro
Audi’s Quattro is the epitome involving perfectly combined attributes of a champion generator sport car. By just looking at the appearance of the Audi Quattro concept-hefty, solid and dominant-it already reveals your capabilities and potential it hides within. With a record regarding 183-kilogram weight, a More than 200 kW, five-cylinder turbocharged engine, and the newest Quattro’s permanent all-wheel generate system, this Vw Quattro represents the organized evolution of technology in manufacturing, the foundation of future Quattro coupes. Among its distinguishing characteristics is the self-locking crown-gear center differential which is light and compact, and possesses a wide range of torque syndication between the rear as well as front wheels. Additionally, it does not only use ASF-assembled aluminum but also lightweight as well as high-strength carbon that is used throughout hood and bumpers. The traditional MMI central display been specifically changed completely to your digital instrument cluster, resulting in a more compacted and a cleaner-looking interior.
Car Concept Audi Quattro


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