Beau Designs GoKart by Beau Reid

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Beau GoKart
Launch of a totally new electric go kart that could fold up and easily fit in the back of your car. Developed and engineered to look and feel like an equation one car, this go-kart only weighs 65 pounds. The entire frame and body work are made from carbon fiber, and lightweight lithium batteries power this speed to a top rate of 60 miles-per-hour. The chassis was designed to fold up into a bundle of only 30” x 30” x 15,” this is achieved through quick disconnects of the wheels and steering wheel and also folding the frame in half.
Beau Designs GoKart

Beau Designs GoKart Beau Reid Beau Reid Beau Designs GoKart Concept Beau Designs GoKart

FrontWhite Beau Designs GoKart
Design by Beau Reid


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