Lazy Thumb Phone Concept by Koo Ho Shin

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Lazy Thumb Phone Concept
Lazy Thumb Phone Concept by Koo Ho Shin – Ever imagine to possess a cell phone without people tiny keypads? Lazy usb cell phone concept just has three button. Indeed, I didn’t read it drastically wrong, only three key. Three screen dish buttons provides tactility, and also enhances the experience of mixed sensibility. Lazy thumb phone concept system is based on voice stimulated and has minimal function of sending and obtaining calls and text messages only. Text message is sent by converting talk to text transcription by this cell phone technique. The three sliding links (concept from children’s ceramic tile puzzle) are made of Plastic plates with OLED monitors, and an LCD monitor under the buttons demonstrates detailed messages as well as directions.
In this unit, communication is divided into two ways; person to person communication, and man or woman to device connection. Three sliding plates are made of Polycarbonate discs with OLED screens embedded, and an LCD display under three discs shows detailed communications and directions.
Lazy Thumb Phone Concept 3

Lazy Thumb Phone Concept 4 Lazy Thumb Phone Concept 5 Lazy Thumb Phone Concept 6

Lazy Thumb Phone Concept 2
Design by Koo Ho Shin


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