Saturn Watch by Marko Vuckovic

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Saturn Watch
Inspired by the earth Saturn, the second largest planet right after Jupiter, Marko Vuckovic, an industrial designer, has developed Saturn watch. Instead of normal boring traditional observe with 3 fine needles to represent next, minute, and hour hand, this time, the wrist watch doesn’t need any needle to tell the time. This kind of watch has been designed in simple yet elegant manner. As with any other timepiece, this specific watch has A dozen digits placed on this. The base is encircled with two drives with perforated divots crafted on them. These kinds of disks turn around in the clockwise manner in which the divots on the disk dishes will inform you about the time of the day.
Wrist Saturn Watch

Black Saturn Watch Marko Vuckovic Concept Saturn Watch Design Saturn Watch Model Saturn Watch Package Saturn Watch Marko Vuckovic Packaging Saturn Watch saturn watch by marko vuckovic2 Simplicity Saturn Watch

Use Saturn Watch Marko Vuckovic
Design by Marko Vuckovic


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