Domino LED Watch Concept TokyoFlash

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Domino Watch
Peter says: “I was trying to think of a simple manner of displaying the time based on an existing well know product. Dominoes fitted the bill perfectly. They are internationally recognised, and the dots give a very simple method of displaying the time.

The Domino on the left shows the hours the center Domino and the right Domino display the minutes. The dividing bars between the top half and the bottom half of the Dominoes turn green to highlight PM.

I think younger people would be interested in this concept watch design. People who like fun, novel and different products may also be interested in this product and any one with a sense of humour who likes products that don’t take themselves to seriously.

I have not yet seen this idea used in wrist watch, it is simple, easy to manufacture and would be easy to produce in a range of colours and materials.”
Watch Domino TokyoFlash

Concept Domino LED Watch Design Domino LED Watch TokyoFlash Domino LED Watch Concept TokyoFlash Domino LED Watch TokyoFlash

TokyoFlash Domino LED Watch
Design by Peter PF Design(via)


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