Re-Wine Wine Bottle Lamp by Miniwiz

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Re Wine Wine Bottle Lamp Miniwiz
Don’t throw away your empty wine bottle just yet, Miniwiz firm can create a unique cubical lamp out of it. Additionally they introduce Re-Wine, a cool bundle to host the wine bottle lamp which acts as a standalone hanging. In order to reduce, reuse, and recycle, Re-Wine is constructed of 100% recycled materials to reduce the amount of waste throughout landfills. You can also make use of this case as a elegant package to present your wine in, the durable POLLIBER casing will prevent your wine beverage from breaking as well as spilling. POLLIBER material is the result from Rice farming by-products and post-consumer thermoplastics combined tog ether to form revolutionary materials. Your reprocessed rice husk serves as a functionality enhancer that counteracts the mechanical strength decline due to degradation associated with plastic as it is remade. The end result is a highly durable material of new grade that is recyclable, and able to be manufactured at an unbeatable minimum of Carbon emissions.
Alcohol Re Wine Wine Bottle Lamp Miniwiz

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