Deuterium Tractor Concept by Prithu Paul

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Deuterium Tractor
This tractor works inside a world that needs massive seeding to be done in a considerable weather environment. Wise farming is no longer only a pleasant concept, it’s an absolute REQUIREMENT as the whole human race depends on this. This tractor goes by the particular name Deuterium, its brand coming from the metaphor “heavy water” or D2O. This auto must be each powerful and steady and able to operate to the utmost. Designer Prithu Paul features quite a treat available for you here. It’s a tractor of the imagination, one particular like you’ve never seen just before, one made to focus on the farm with techniques we can’t fully think about – because this is the tractor for the future farmer. Meant to work in the year 2020 Advertisement, this tractor will work while on an Earth in uncertainty, one with “searing day time temperatures” and harsh climate circumstances for all. Hydrogen fuel primarily based engines and embedded Nano systems tip the day, and a will need arises for the typical farmer to reprise their and her position.
Future Deuterium Tractor

Prithu Paul Deuterium Tractor Concept Deuterium Tractor Design Deuterium Tractor

Deuterium Tractor Concept
Design by Prithu Paul


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