NASA Space Helmet Concept by Herald Urena

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NASA Space Helmet
NASA Space Headgear concept design was born out of the perspective exactly how men look weak and vulnerable when they’re encapsulated. Herald Urena has come up with space helmet design where comfort and ergonomics are thought while new appearances derive from animating the object to resemble the human more. The inner limit that astronauts usually have is taken away and the speaking devices and earphones are placed on the headgear. There is a tinted next layer of cup that can come down to block of sunlight. NASA Space Helmet continues to be designed with the objective to be able to humanize the exoskeleton where we can view it as an extension of its user instead of an encapsulation. Lewis Mumford, a interpersonal critic, once asserted when man gone into space this didn’t only show success but also showed us exactly how fragile we are along with dependent on the earths surroundings to survive. Yes, many of us couldn’t agree more.
Concept NASA Space Helmet

Design NASA Space Helmet

Herald Urena NASA Space Helmet
Design by Herald Urena


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