On Line Watch Concept TokyoFlash

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On Line Watch
The inspiration for this watch design comes from bracelets watches with a ongoing pattern all around the arm. This time I enable several lines are around the wrist and also the result is the futuristic On Line. The present is made of vertical outlines which escape the truth and surround the particular wrist completely. The 10 lines are 4 pairs between two single lines. A pair may be recognized as two lines closer to each other. I created these flexes to let each couple form one range. 4 pairs Equals 4 numbers. The single lines are an am/pm signal and a time/date mode indicator. While the lines are smelted with the strap segments, they are made of two components in the case area: a bright history (neon plastic) and an LCD layer. The actual “all around the wrist” theme performs the whole day, because LCD is always on. As a nice gimmick, I let the case “float” higher than the wrist. There is airspace between arm and case. My partner and i gave the back of the truth LEDs which enlighten the wrist if it is dark. This is inspired by a certain lcd television’s ambient light. The particular display is contact sensitive. Setting the time, seeing the date and activating the actual backlight can be done with in accordance touches. The uncommon behavior of the situation, the touch option and the ambient lighting make the futuristic seem of the watch full. This is a watch for males and females who like to wear some artistic, technic inspired bracelet. On Line is a trendy wrist watch from the potential. It is a challenging watch at first, but actually an extremely easy to read one. It requires a little practice to distinguish the single elements, but the wearer has the benifit of learn and to make an impression on the friends.
Yellow On Line Watch TokyoFlash

Concept On Line Watch TokyoFlash On Line Watch Concept TokyoFlash OnLine Watch TokyoFlash Red OnLine Watch TokyoFlash Samuel Jerichow OnLine Watch TokyoFlash

TokyoFlash On Line Watch
Design by Samuel Jerichow


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