T2 Concept Car by Idries Noah

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T2 Car Concept
T2 concept by the Southerly African based Idries Noah is designed to embody which green, and getting green conscious, is the new black from the automobile industry. The concept focuses on turning the actual Idries Noah T2 into the fastest environment-safe sports car. It has a Three or more.5 liter V6 motor with two electric motors that provide up to 350 KW of power which is able accelerate to 100 km/hr in several seconds and a sleek design concept that is still up with regard to development to maximize aerodynamic performance of the vehicle. The whole project is in fact still under development, and while prospective consumers are doubtful how the car can really attain speed benchmark the idea claims, Idries Noah is hopeful to make the perfect a mix of both of a speedy fancy car and an electronic motor that will be one of the best available in the market of the environment informed consumers.

Idries Noah T2 Concept Car
Design by Idries Noah


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