Astrum Meera Concept Car by John Baltazar

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Astrum Meera Car
This is one fabulous looking concept vehicle, that I must say. Every once in a while a perception comes along that is not merely fabulous in its prepare, but fabulous in their rendering as well. Check out the realism during these digital illustrations and also tell me you aren’t impressed by their excellence. After that lemme tell you about this vehicle. It’s called the Astrum Meera, and it capabilities several elements that play a role in safety, sustainability, and what the designers call “practical design.” Practical design. Who may need such a thing! There are some men and women (people with lots of money within their pockets) who enjoy practical design, that’s, design that isn’t that will far away from the real world, who are just ready and raring to visit toss money close to – practical creative designers, take a peek. This kind of car has built-in receptors near the exhaust that will track the levels of CO2 and warn the driver should they be exceeding normal assortment. It’s got wheel rims which work with permanent magnetic levitation, making the car extremely light and quick. The mirrors around the sides of the vehicle move down inside vehicle, hiding a lot more park, rolling out of the house when the car begins. The mirrors have built-in cameras that display inside the car, allowing the motive force sight without converting their head – specially useful in inclement weather.
Road Astrum Meera Car

Astrum Meera Concept Car Black Astrum Meera Concept Car Concept Astrum Meera Car Cool Astrum Meera Concept Car Design Astrum Meera Car Draw Astrum Meera Concept

Futuristic Astrum Meera Concept Car
Design by John Baltazar


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