Elements Chemist Watch Concept TokyoFlash

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Elements Chemist Watch TokyoFlash
Its a simple idea, but we think it would be popular with anyone researching science especially Hormone balance of course. In the past we now have had a few wrist watches that really grabbed a person’s eye of a certain group. For example, the Morse Rule watch was very well liked with Radio lovers. We also think there’s room to develop this concept further. Copernicium (112) & Boron (5) could be 11:25. The design would be either e-ink as well as LCD. The exhibit would show 2 blocks, one for hours and one for min’s (or months as well as days in date mode). The number of several hours or minutes would correspond to the chemical element of the same number. Therefore 11:39 would show Na Br or Sodium and Bromine. Each block has the amount in the top left of the box, therefore it is extremely easy to read. Research fans would be the more than likely wearers of this observe, although it would interest anyone who wants a simple to read watch with a simple, minimalist design that looks complex at first.
Design by Ron TokyoFlash


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