Maininki Car Concept by Antti Eskeli

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Maininki Car
In Nordic countries, the necessity for transportation is simple however demanding. The driving distances vary from lengthy to short and also the seasons vary tremendously. The vehicle should be as comfortable as a high end sedan but also as compact as a hatchback, supplying an ecological choice with enough space for the medium sized family. Tah nrrr! The Michelin Active Controls concept – Maininki. Combined with changeable chassis length, the concept is extremely suited to the demands of Nordic places. Long driving miles, varied seasons and compact cities demand a good deal from a family transport vehicle. The design can readily change from a city hatchback to a long distance sedan.
Antti Eskeli Maininki Car Concept

Car Maininki Concept Concept Maininki Car Design Maininki Car Concept

Maininki Car Concept
Design by Antti Eskeli


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