Toyota NORI Concept Car

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Toyota NORI
Toyota NORI is a vehicle that utilizes an eco-friendly and choice source of energy to help you preserve the earth’s normal resources. The word ‘nori’ is often a Japanese word this means “seaweed”, stating that this vehicle is made with focus on lowering its weight. The Toyota NORI, aside from being a fast auto is also an overall economy friendly car. As opposed to using corn and/or soya, seaweeds are used instead as bio-plastics to lessen the effect for the food chain. Its body and its framework are built as one which makes it lighter. This vehicle runs with a pair of electric wheel engines with a detachable battery set. Similar to other motor vehicles this car furthermore uses solar energy that is captured through weaved solar cells into the PODULAR. This solar energy is back-up energy in case of problems. The eco-friendly source of energy together with environment friendly supplies makes it one of the vehicles of the future.

Concept Car Toyota NORI

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