Arcane Orbit Watch Concept TokyoFlash

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Arcane Orbit Watch
This observe concept is simple using a clean look as well as low profile applies as a uni-sex product. The potential of changing the straps easily increases the attract individuals. The time showing method is simple that allows the case to be basic in its aesthetic. Your movement of the compact disk adds animation, the easy form of the dvd allows for a variety of photos or designs. Your strap is simple but organic and would likely lend itself to be able to easy removal of the wrist watch body allowing for interchangability and customisation. When the watch can be activated the DVD rotates combining the various symbols with the person to create a number, the wrist watch repeats this process four times to express the time. This procedure could also be used to describe the date.
Watch Arcane Orbit TokyoFlash

Arcane Orbit Watch TokyoFlash Design Arcane Orbit Watch Concept Green Arcane Orbit Watch TokyoFlash

TokyoFlash Arcane Orbit Watch Concept
Design by Peter PF Design


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