Cadillac Aera Concept Car

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Cadillac Aera
Cadillac carries more than their philosophy of art and science into the motor vehicle world by taking a cutting-edge approach to ultra-light vehicle production. This is reflected inside Cadillac Aera, a 1000 single pound, 2+2 touring coupe that’s both attractive yet high performing and safe. Optimal composition and motor effectiveness is what the Cadillac Aera is all about, with its sophisticatedly designed body and the Rolls royce Pneumatic Drive Method. The body is a 3 dimensional lattice, mono made of a unique, semi-solid, and also alloy-forming freeform that creates a strong and light-weight frame. The Pneumatic Drive System, conversely, is a quiet and also smooth engine that uses compressed air to provide power and speed, and it is effective at storing up to 15,000 psi composite air to give the auto a 1000 mile array capability before refueling. Capabilities of the Aera include the All-In-One (AIO) wheel system that combines a circular actuator propulsion, suspension along with steering, a generate by wireless program to decrease electrical pieces mass and a vehicle to vehicle (V2V) connection to promote active traveling safety.

Concept Car Cadillac Aera

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